Root depth for vegetables

As raised beds and container gardening are becoming more popular among new gardeners, one question that often comes up is about how deep the raised bed or container needs to be. The depth that plants need to flourish varies, with some herbs and root vegetables needing only a shallow space, while some such as peppers […]

Starting Seeds Indoors

  Starting seeds indoors for the season can be challenging, but is also very rewarding and economical. If you are trying to grow some of the lesser common heirloom varieties, then this might also be the only option.┬áIn this post, we discuss some of the common issues that plague the seed starting process. Temperature Most […]

EdenPatch, International

EdenPatch has grown! Did you know that there is now an EdenPatch on almost every continent? I do hope that we will get global warming under control and never have one in Antarctica! Or maybe a greenhouse. That might be okay Thanks to all our users, and happy growing! P.S. Thanks to MapCustomizer for an […]

How can I resize my plan?

To resize a plan, start with the plan page, and then click on ‘Settings’ In the pop-up window, you can update the length, width and resolution of the plan, as well as set the direction for the top Please keep in mind that if the size of the plan is changed, any plants that were […]

How can I print my garden plan?

Printing your plan is easy! As you can see, in the web view, certain parts of the plan are “hidden” to display on a screen. When you print, you want to print all the hidden parts. To do this, use the “Print View” button at the top right of the garden plan page. This will […]

2016 Garden v2

After spending some time on our first plan and getting some great feedback, we hit the drawing board for v2. The interactive version of the plan is on EdenPatch.com. Our key goals were: Plan our rows going E-W Keep the taller plants to the north end of the plot Try to start out the tomatoes […]

2016 Garden v1

We had a terrible experience last year with flooding in our community garden plot. It was the rainiest every spring around Chicago, and it did not help that our plot seemed to be the lowest one among all the plots. We dug channels to get the water out, tried a bunch of things. Got a […]

Welcome to EdenPatch!

Congratulations and Welcome to EdenPatch! Creating your EdenPatch account is your first step in getting the most out of your garden and growing smarter! Here are a few quick items to get you started: If you are wondering how to get started, here is a quick guide Take a quick look at our FAQs, and […]